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Sun cream / socks

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NiaElsie30 Fri 05-Jun-09 02:52:09

Hiya mums..What type of cream should I put my 9 week old babe please? How much and how often should I reapply? Any other advice for protecting babe's skin too please? I do keep her in the shade and put her in white baby grows, have the hood up on the pram and use a brolly but on occasions her hands might get exposed.
The other thing is do I have to put socks on babe in this hot weather? My mum is forever holding babe's feet and telling me if they feel cold... I have said I don't believe it is a good indicator of body temperature anyway.
Thank you

CarmenSanDiego Fri 05-Jun-09 04:13:50

I think I'd worry about her eating it off her hands.

I got told off by an old lady once when my first baby had bare feet in a shop on a perfectly hot day. While I try and keep socks on my babies, I think the older generation can get madly obsessive about them!

ninedragons Fri 05-Jun-09 04:57:52

I am not in the UK so don't know exactly how hot it is there, but if it's warm enough for you to wear a t-shirt then the baby doesn't need socks or a hat. Babies can overheat quite easily.

Can you drape a muslin over the pram hood like a tent? White cotton doesn't have much of an SPF (sun protection factor) but should give a little extra protection when you're walking between shops etc.

littleducks Fri 05-Jun-09 06:13:23

Suncream is generally recommended for babies this young, i would keep her in the shade as much as possible

I have a shade a babe which i bought 3 years ago when dd was tiny, they werent that well thought of then and def were some 'buggy burkha' remarks on here but they seem to be reasonably common now (around here at least) and the newer design has a zip out front panel which is better than mine

Alternatively if the hood on your buggy is already quite big a protect a bub means the baby isnt 'confined' in anything but is more shaded, there were a couple of these reduced to £12 in my local boots recently

I think your baby is fine with no socks when its warm, i would get a very thin cotton hat/bonnet type thing with a wide brim for if baby is in sling or out of pram

CUPCAKE1 Mon 08-Jun-09 12:55:43

HI NiaElsie

My mum does exactly the same thing with my babies feet! You're right that it isn't a good indicator of body temperature, and if it's warm enough for baby to be in shortsleeves, then it's probably warm enough to forgo socks! Re. suncream, I would re-iterate littleducks and I've always tried to keep my three daughters out of the sun completely at this age. For the times when it's unavoidable I found Banana Boat's Baby Tear Free spray which I use on my 4mth old in case she rubs her eyes after application. It was also tested by paedatricians which appealed. Hope this helps!

NiaElsie30 Wed 10-Jun-09 02:38:43

Many thanks to all. Hasn't been sunny since I posted - have I jinksed us! Ha ha

littleboyblue Wed 10-Jun-09 02:54:20

Most suncreams I've seen says not suitable under 6 months. My pharmicist told me if I felt I needed some for my baby, the gp would be able to give a prescription.
I tend to keep baby in pushchair with muslin/blanket hanging over hood to keep him out of sunlight, and if I need to take him out outside, I find a shaded spot.
In the recent warmth, I haven't been putting socks on ds2 but always carry a pair in my bag incase weather changes halfway through day.
Personally, I prefer them to wear socks

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