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When do DCs stop getting their baby teeth?

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kayzr Thu 26-Feb-09 11:06:34

DS1 is 23mo and last night was really screaming and complaining his teeth hurt. We weren't sure if he is teething or if his teeth are hurting.

We gave him calpol and he calmed down.

Does he still have teeth to come through?


bubblagirl Thu 26-Feb-09 11:17:55

probably the molars at the back my ds stopped teething fully at 2 half when each corner decided to come through probably every month it was horrible for him found nurofen much better when tackling them teeth as they were so painful for him

think the usual age is 2 to stop teething but them teeth caused him agro for quite some time

kayzr Thu 26-Feb-09 11:22:51

Thanks, hopefully they'll stop soon.

Seona1973 Thu 26-Feb-09 12:45:59

they get teeth anywhere up to the age of 3. DS (2.5 years) is currently getting his last molar.

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Thu 26-Feb-09 21:49:56

Message withdrawn

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