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To swim or not to swim??

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misscathcart Wed 29-Oct-08 07:20:49

DD (22m) has a streaming nose and eyes this morning, face seems a little hot and puffy too. She seems fine in herself, I'm pretty sure it's due to teething, but i'm wondering if it would be a bad move to go swimming?
what od you think?

BigAxeToChopOffYourThread Wed 29-Oct-08 07:31:25

I wouldn't.

misscathcart Wed 29-Oct-08 07:40:26

hmm thats what I'm kind of thinking, thanks!

misscathcart Wed 29-Oct-08 10:44:46

decided against - and I'm so glad! Its blardy freezing out there!

Elibean Wed 29-Oct-08 10:51:31

Me, too: dd1 is on day 3 of a crash course at local pool (half term) but woke up in night with v runny nose, and her little sister has huge head cold. No swimming today smile

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