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Teething - Molars!!

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santapaws Mon 13-Oct-08 09:19:04

How long will this nightmare go on for? He's been at it since fri nite/sat morning, how long do they take to cut through, its the bottom ones?

Ive never seen my LO in so much pain, its was heartbreaking on sat nite, he was running round in blind panic, holding the sides of his face, screaming, hes only just 2!

We going away for a few days on wednesday, any chance it will be over by then?

Thanks x

Seeline Mon 13-Oct-08 13:09:13

My two took months over molars - they kept almost coming through and then disappearing again for a couple of weeks, then it would start all over again. I found the teething granules to be really good at relieving the pain (Boots own were fine) - so much so that they both had 'granules' as one of their first words! Good luck.

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