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12 month old had D&V since Saturday morning

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Ceolas Mon 22-Sep-08 17:25:34

She's breastfeeding like it's going out of fashion but taking next to no solids. I'm not sure whether to offer her anything really.

She is very grumpy and lethargic. How long would you let it go on before worrying?

Ceolas Mon 22-Sep-08 18:38:50


Guadalupe Mon 22-Sep-08 18:43:41

Not a lot you can do but let it pass. I took my 19 month old ds to the doctor last week after five nights of vomiting and he said just keep giving fluids, watch for dehydration and wait for it to go.

It took TEN DAYS to completely stop, his nappies would fill his shoes, it was awful but, fingers crossed, today he is eating like a horse.

RumblyTummy Mon 22-Sep-08 18:44:44

sorry to hear about your dd. I would keep on with the breastfeeding and forget about solids at the moment. She is no doubt feeding often to stop becoming dehydrated. Pooor little mite. Unless she is losing weight or dehydrating I am sure she will ride this one out. but I am not a doctor, so do seek professional advice if you are worried. x

Guadalupe Mon 22-Sep-08 18:45:01

Lots of people seem to have it round here and it is dragging on in small children. Check with your gp if you worried though, and keep bf.

Ceolas Mon 22-Sep-08 19:06:28

Thanks, that's reassuring. My SIL was saying earlier to take her to the GP, but what can he do? As long as she's not dehydrated I guess it's just a matter of letting it run its course. She's not vomited since this morning but the diarrhoea continues. Dontcha just love washable nappies?!

Guadalupe Mon 22-Sep-08 19:11:11

I don't use them, but I wished I had last week when a fox got our rubbish and spread half the nappies down the street. This was after being up for umpteen nights holding ds over a bowl. I could have cried I tell you.

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