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diarhorea, potty training and really sore bum :(

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llynnnn Wed 10-Sep-08 18:12:29

for the last 24 hours dd haas had quite bad diarhorea (sorry i cant spell!), she is eating and drinking fine, but cant stop going. we are also in the 2nd week of potty training and she is getting so confused and upset by it. i havent been telling her off AT ALL but she knows she wants to go so tells me, but she has no control over it. she keeps asking to sit on potty and is getting very frustrated.
i have been putting her in pull ups as i didnt have enough knickers to keep up!

also her bottom is really sore now, she wont let me wipe it, when i do she yells in pain.
is there anything i can give her to help? i feel so sorry for her

llynnnn Wed 10-Sep-08 18:27:39


nobodysfool Wed 10-Sep-08 18:43:03

As long as your washing her bum properly everytime,drying and creaming it i'm not sure if there is anything else you can do.
Have you tried bicarb of soda in her bath it stops the water stinging so much.

Not sure if there is anything you can give her but i would put her back in pull ups while she has a dodgy tummy.She has no control over it and it must be upsetting if she keeps having accidents.Just go back to normal when her tummy feels better.

llynnnn Wed 10-Sep-08 19:27:10

thanks, i havent tried bicarb, will give that a try tomorrow morning.

i've been trying to clean her properly but she cries so much. shes asleep at the mo, hopefully she will get a good nights sleep and feel better in the morning (fingers crossed!!)

llynnnn Thu 11-Sep-08 10:38:31

the poor little thing is now being sick too

any more suggestions anyone?

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Thu 11-Sep-08 10:57:50

The poor little thing.

You're doing all the right things. Keep her in pull ups until her tummy is better. She is upset enough as it is without feeling like she has failed by having an accident. And you don't want to be cleaning that up! grin

Baby Goodbits had an upset tummy from the second day of toilet training. But then we had had a month or so in pull ups practising wees, and he had also been doing poos in the toilet since 13months (I couldn't stand pooey nappies anymore). So he was quite used to telling me that he needed to do a poo - it was just more often for a few days.

Hadn't heard of the bicarb in the bath to soothe the skin. I use aqueous cream because of his excema and it seems to help when things get sore.

Oh and keep her well hydrated, but you already knew that. Good luck.

Oh just read that she is being sick as well sad Lots of hugs for her today - it's the only thing that works.

llynnnn Thu 11-Sep-08 12:54:17

thanks, i have her in pull ups but she really wants to use the potty still. hoping it will pass really really soon.

she keeps saying she wants food now, but when i get her somethign she doesnt eat it. shes drinking well tho

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