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Update on the weirdy colour Flamechick

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BlueberryBeret Fri 29-Aug-08 09:07:07

We still don't know what is wrong exactly.

It is gradually fading in the order it came out, so her cheeks are now normal colour, the bottom of the bib is still bright, but her neck is normal... her cheeks look puffy today but I think that is where it came out on her chin a day or so later so she has a red patchy chin, but normal cheeks.

She is whingey, sick of being at home, but other than that, just looks bloody odd.

It doesn't fit anything I googled now it is dying off.

Really odd.

MumofMonsters says her son had similar a while back though - they called it Slapped Fever grin

3andnomore Fri 29-Aug-08 13:31:14

Do you mean Slapped Cheek disease...?

Nappyzoneneedssleep Fri 29-Aug-08 13:34:13

ooo we ad slapped cheek at our school - very flushed looking kids - not infectious once the flushyness is here <no help whatsoeevr am i...> but it bumps yer smile

BlueberryBeret Fri 29-Aug-08 16:49:54

Nope, tis not slapped cheek, tis not scarlet fever, but looks like a cross between the two, hence the slapped fever wink

MerlinsBeard Fri 29-Aug-08 16:54:13

When do the schools go back where you are?

There was slapped cheek and scarlet fever at DS1s school and he had symptoms that matched both but Drs said it was neither. Our "diagnosis"(as none Drs) was Slapped Fever (the rash was hot)

3andnomore Fri 29-Aug-08 17:08:41

oh right...getting you now...

not mumps is it?

BlueberryBeret Fri 29-Aug-08 18:11:08

Nope, def not mumps.

It looked like scarlet fever, but the dr said that wasn't possible without tonsilitis (google & nhs direct site say otherwise - it can be a complication after pox - but hey ho), her cheeks were bright, but it didn't really match slapped cheek either.

I was leaning towards SF but it is going without antibiotics.

So, going with weirdy random virus. no-one she has been in contact with has had it yet.

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