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7 week old ds2 gets ripples in tummy - PYLORIC STENOSIS in my family - anyone able to advise?

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looneytune Sat 09-Aug-08 15:37:32

We've been having problems with ds2 since he was 9/10 days old. After researching and seeing couple of Drs and Cranial Osteopath, we think he's possibly got Silent Reflux. At our 6 week check the GP did say we could try Infant Gaviscon but as I'm breastfeeding it's harder as has to be mixed in feeds, so she recommended we continued with the Cranial Oesteopath for a bit longer as she knows they can do wonders for Reflux, but she's happy to write a prescription whenever if all gets too much.

Well, been speaking to my mum about it all as been quite worried about him and she mentioned that Pyloric Stenosis runs in our family. Her dad had it and was hospital for 4 months when he was about 2 months old, and 2 of her brothers had it, one was about 6 weeks old. Grandad also thinks one of his Nephews had it.

I've been researching on the net and he does NOT vomit much although has twice projectile vomited which shocked me but it's certainly not every feed. He's also putting on weight fine. BUT, he has waves of movement in his tummy that can be quite remarkable and I've seen this bit on the net 'increased stomach contractions may make noticeable ripples' under symptoms. Another symptom he does have is fewer stools and smaller - been quite surprised by the lack of stools as ds1 used to have LOADS and quite often leaked. There has also been a few times where there are small traces are darker and thicker and sometimes powdery sort of stools.

Has anyone got any idea if it's possible to have this without the constant vomiting and if not, what else the ripples in his tummy could mean?


twoboots Sat 09-Aug-08 18:16:06

"ripples" represent peristalisis- gut movement. have the stools changed in pattern or have the stools always been that way?
the pattern of symptoms are not currently convincing for pyloric stenosis, but then again it is usually a progressive thing.
with the family history and given that you do have concerns you are completely justified in requesting a paediatrician referral.

looneytune Sun 10-Aug-08 11:13:12

Thanks for that, feel reassured which is what I wanted but will be keeping close eye. As for pattern, he's never been one for doing big ones often like ds1 (apart from the black tarry ones at the start - they were big!). We're keeping a closer eye on him now though as he hasn't done a proper poo since Thurs or Fri. He's only producing tiny bits here and there. Also, he usually like me doing tummy massage and when I bend his knees to his tummy, he usually brings lots of wind out of his bottom but all we've been getting is tiny bits of poo dribbles and he's sometimes upset by it when he normally likes it. One other thing that started this weekend too is he's bringing up small amount of curdled milk. Not much but lumpy and smelly and not after a feed either (just done it now an hour or 2 after a small feed).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's more likely to be silent reflux like we thought but I just wanted to get some advice after what my mum said.


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