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Rash on baby- pic attached

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hermionegrange Wed 22-Apr-20 15:39:33

Hi, my five week old has been getting these spots come and go for the last week. Always on the same side. Sometimes they're more obvious (like the picture) than others. They disappear if I press on them lightly, and they don't seem to be causing him any distress. It's the sort of thing I would have gone to see the health visitor about / checked with at weigh in with my first child, but that's obviously not an easy option at the moment.

Does anyone have any ideas? Should I take him to doctors?

Baboutheocelot Wed 22-Apr-20 15:45:08

They look like baby acne, my eldest was like this as a newborn but it soon cleared up on its own.

TroysMammy Wed 22-Apr-20 15:48:03

Contact the GP and email the photo. They'll know what it is and if not from the photo will ask you to bring your baby in providing you don't have any covid symptoms.

Itsabitmessy Wed 22-Apr-20 15:48:44

He’s gorgeous smile.

Is the side with the rash the side he sleeps on most?

What are you washing his face with - wipes or water? Do you use any baby wash soaps etc?

What are you using to wash his sheets?

It’s good that it doesn’t appear to be bothering him and probably one of those things that will sort itself out as his skin gets used to the world outside. If you are using wipes then some babies get rashes on their face from those. Either water wipes or just water and cotton wool is a good idea to try to see if that helps if you are using standard wipes for his face. Could also be worth changing your washing products to see if that makes any difference. Are your HV doing anything online that would allow you to send them a pic ?

hermionegrange Wed 22-Apr-20 15:54:01

Yes it is the side that he sleeps on most/ the side he feeds on most. We are bathing him in water with cotton wool, not using wipes on his face at all.

I'm going to see if HV will look at a photo- good idea thank you

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