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Purple toes in 8 yr old

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LJH79 Sun 18-Feb-18 22:34:13

Bit of a weird one but my daughters toe has gone purple but seems to keep changing colour slightly. It was red for a while and then went purple and now looks reddish again. Planning oh going to docs this week as also has a small purple ish bruise on her foot on top as well. Any idea appreciated!

MyBrilliantDisguise Sun 18-Feb-18 22:35:54

That's odd. She hasn't knocked it?

Have you looked up Raynaud's? My friend's son has this but all of his fingers are that colour.

LuxuryTime Sun 18-Feb-18 22:40:19

Is it painful? I get patches that look like this, they are chilblains as a result of raynauds.

LJH79 Sun 18-Feb-18 22:45:30

No it's not painful but was itchy about 10 weeks ago. Thought maybe chilblains then but no idea how. Seems a long time since then to suddenly go purple now?! Feel bit silly going to docs but it's just a bit weird. Not knocked it and doesn't look like a normal bruise.

LuxuryTime Mon 19-Feb-18 22:26:05

I’d go with chilblains then, mine were usually itchy and only occasionally painful too.

Could be a circulatory problem like raynauds if there is no obvious reason for them happening. flowers

Lightsong Thu 22-Feb-18 14:59:08

I have a chilblain on my toe that started in December as just annoyingly itchy. It then went red/ purple after a while and it's only just going away now, so i think they can for stay a while.

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