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Holidaying abroad with asmatic ds

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hoping2016 Thu 08-Feb-18 12:59:49


Could anyone recommend a European holiday with excellent healthcare nearby?

We had a bad experience the last time we travelled abroad and are debating whether to go abroad this year....

Anyone whose dc have asthma that could recommend somewhere ? Preferably beach holiday.

Many thanks in advance

AllMumsyWereTheBorrowedClothes Thu 08-Feb-18 13:18:59

I don't have a beach holiday recommendation I'm afraid, but we've been to Austria several times for walking holidays with an asthmatic dd. I don't know if it's the altitude, or cleaner air, but she had no problems while we were there. We went to the Tyrol - Pertisau, Zell am Zee, Mayrhofen and Neustift, and to St Wolfgang over the years. We only had to use pharmacies for minor ailments and they were excellent. We also holidayed in Lanzarote and the Algarve but had no need of medical help while there.
Hopefully more beach ideas will come along soon.

hoping2016 Thu 08-Feb-18 21:55:54


BarbarianMum Sun 11-Feb-18 21:59:09

Holiday on the Med close to (but not in) Perpignon (France). Or close to (but not in) Barcelona or Valencia (Spain).

NorthernLurker Sun 11-Feb-18 22:32:38

I used to arrange dialysis for renal patients abroad. Switzerland was very good but no beach. Generally I think Spain is pretty good too.

widgetbeana Mon 12-Feb-18 15:37:19

I know my aunt used to take her asthmatic dd and renal ds to lake Garda in Italy, so not quite a beach, but water and good air and medical facilities?

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