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Worms keep coming back

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damnitchloe Sat 11-Nov-17 11:46:07

Please can you help?

My ds1 started school in September 2016. He got worms In December 2016 for the first time. My Ds2 now aged 3 got it too.

We did the tablets washed all bedding & towels & the did it all again 2 weeks later.

Basically since then DS1 has been getting worms every 8 - 10 weeks. Dh & I have never had them to our knowledge although have now taken the medication several times. We aren't aware that ds2 has had them again.

How do we get rid of them permanently? Any ideas?

What I'm not sure about is whether Ds1 just keeps getting reinfected at school so however much I fumigate the house it will make no difference or whether I'm not getting rid of them from here & so he keeps getting reinfected from here.

I'm lucky to have the help of a cleaner once a week. The boys sheets & pjs are changed every week. They bath every night. We always wash hands after the loo & before meals.

Any wisdom or experience gratefully received.

BhajiAllTheWay Sat 11-Nov-17 15:12:51

You can't get rid permanently I'm afraid as they are so easy to pick up. Some people seem really prone to them. (we are..but never ever pick up nits..bizarre!).Anyway...Carry on with the hygiene and hand washing. If the school has sand and playdoh these are reinfection hotspots so have a word with them to change them. Cut out sugary foods so that your digestive tract is less of a good environment as they feed on glucose. We've found that combantrin is better than ovex. Downside is it's not over the counter here, I order it online from Australia!! worth it though. Good luck and try not to stress, they're horrible little misery making f#ckers but so common, you're not alone!!

damnitchloe Sun 12-Nov-17 19:13:42

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to this. Really appreciate your wise words & encouragement. Will have a chat with school too. Thank you.

Vitalogy Sun 12-Nov-17 19:27:15

I agree about the sand pit, little boy I used to look after picked them up in his sandpit. Never thought of the Playdoh but that makes sense too.

comfyshoelady Sun 12-Nov-17 19:30:24

We used a course of 'wormless' (you should be able to find it by googling), and they never came back. The chap that makes and sells it is happy to chat on the phone about correct doses etc. It's a herbal remedy.

wobblywonderwoman Sun 12-Nov-17 19:36:51

I think I would change the PJs each night and make sure they wear pants.

widowtocricket Sun 12-Nov-17 19:37:50

My daughter gets them every 4 -6 months or so & has done for 3 years. Because if the gap in between I know I am getting rid of them everytime. We know they come from school but no where. She doesn't have a sand pit or playdoh at school anymore.

I'm going to try the stuff above & the other thing that worked for us was bioglan probiotic chocolate balls from holland & Barrett. Apparently they keep the gut healthy. The worms feed off all the sugars so this seemed to help stop them going back.

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