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Any orthoptists please ?

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Missmiller Thu 05-Oct-17 13:52:10

My daughter developed a noticeable squint at aged three. Now she is aged five and her prescription is +3 in her left eye and +2 in her right eye. She has been wearing glasses since she was three. Today at her orthoptists appointment, I was told that her left eye is turning in when focusing close up by 20 diopters with her glasses on . And when looking at distances, by about 6–8 diopters. I don’t really understand what this means or how severe it is. The orthoptist has recommended patching her right eye to strengthen her vision in her left eye for the next month. Then she’ll have the drops to check her prescription is correct. She mentioned there may be a need for surgery in time. My question is is it likely that her squint will become permanent with her glasses on. At the moment it’s only noticeable when focusing close up or when tired. I feel really concerned after her appointment today and I’m not sure what the future is likely to hold for her vision and squint . Any explanations, experience or advice would be very helpful and gratefully received. Thanks very much.

MiaowTheCat Thu 05-Oct-17 13:57:20

I'm not one - but I posted a thread a couple of months back in here wondering how long I was likely to be patching DD2 for (I'd hit a bit of a wall where I wasn't getting told much by the hospital and just seemed to have been patching forever). Got some useful advice on there and I'll try to find it to bump it for you.

For what it works we've patched most of this year - now have her vision up to scratch in her lazy eye, and they're seeing if it stays stable unpatched before they refer her on with a view to surgery to straighten it up. Do NOT do what I did and google the surgery if you've got any wibbles about eyes to start with!

We rarely had any bother wearing the patches - I'm allergic to elastoplast so we used the sensitive skin version ones and I found they were making her skin a little bit sore when combined with suncream etc in the summer - sticking the patch onto the palm of your hand first to take off the excess adhesive helped with that a lot... plus we paid for the snazzy design ones for her to feel a bit happier about wearing them.

Missmiller Thu 05-Oct-17 17:12:05

The orthoptist has never said she has a lazy eye. It’s always been a squint due to accommodation. I just don’t get any of it. Please will someone help me understand it all! X

Missmiller Sat 07-Oct-17 08:30:15


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