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7 year old DS always has wet pants...

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TheElephantAndBun Tue 25-Apr-17 13:47:09

...And I don't know what to do next!

He doesn't seem to notice or care. Every day his pants and trousers will smell of wee when he comes home from school. It happens at home during the holidays too. They are not wet but smell.

We have seen the GP who referred onto the hospital for an ultrasound to check his bladder was emptying completely- it is. No infections​.

I think he's just always leaving it a bit late to go and rushing off again to wash hands without wiping or waiting for the last bit.

Any advice? Have tried bribery with a new toy- 2 days of clean trousers and he can have it. After 2 weeks we haven't had one...

nocoolnamesleft Tue 25-Apr-17 19:39:43

Is he drinking enough fluid? Concentrated urine causes local irritation, both to the bladder and the pipework, so markedly increases accidents. Make sure he's not constipated: constipation doesn't just impair bladder emptying, but also screws up with the signals to the brain from the nether regions. Rewards need to be for things he believes he can you could start with star charting towards reward based on going for a wee so many times a day, then having dry pants for part of a day.

You might find the ERIC website useful:

TheElephantAndBun Tue 25-Apr-17 22:14:54

Thanks very much, i will look at the ERIC site and check on the things you've suggested! Will adapt the star chart and hopefully that will be encouraging for him.

sadie9 Wed 26-Apr-17 09:39:20

Does he actually know what he's doing 'wrong' as such? He's not wet, so it's only drips isn't it? If you or he don't know what he's doing 'wrong' then he's very little chance of fixing it.
You need to give him clear instructions, without putting pressure or making it sound like a bad thing he's doing or making him worried about him being smelly etc.
I would try something like this: ask him when he does a wee to say 'elephants' 3 times in his head after the wee finishes, before he pulls up the pants. That'd be 3 seconds. grin see if that helps.

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