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Just the heat/teething or should I worry?

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LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 15:44:54

My almost 6 month old DD has been incredibly sleepy today, she slept from 9pm-4am, had a bottle, then slept from 5am-8am, which has become fairly normal for her, then she fell asleep around 9am which again isn't unheard of but she didn't wake up for a bottle again till almost 1pm. I woke her a few times but she just grizzled till she fell back asleep. I've given her a bottle and she fell asleep again by 2:30 pm, I just woke her, which was more difficult than normal, to change her nappy (very full of wee so no dehydration) and because if she sleeps too much during the day she doesn't sleep at all at night and within half hour she was crying again so I've let her fall asleep in my arms. When awake she has been very whiny and unhappy which isn't in character for her, she is generally recently been a very smiley chatty baby.
She did a massive nappy full of poo early hours of this morning which was runny, but I put this down to her teething which has been going on for around a week. Today is the first day she's been so sleepy and inconsolable though.
Is this pretty normal for a teething baby when it is hot?

DunedinGirl Sun 09-Apr-17 15:51:44

Without wanting to frighten you, I'd be calling up NHS 111 for advice ASAP. That wouldn't have been normal for my child at 6 months and I think it is better to get it checked rather than worry.

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 15:54:35

Right will do. Thank you. I have been known to be very over protective of her and have anxiety so I never know if I'm wasting everyones time.

Foreverhopeful22 Sun 09-Apr-17 15:56:59

They can be more sleepy and unhappy although that seems a lot of sleep and I mean an awful lot

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 17:18:01

confused they've just said Calpol and call back if she deteriorates/shows signs of dehydration. I'm trying not to panic but it really is a lot of sleep for her, she usually is awake for 4-5 hours in the evenings. Poor thing sad

Crazylou Sun 09-Apr-17 17:51:42

Has she been asleep continuously from 2.30pm ? If so I wouldn't hang around until she becomes dehydrated, she could have a virus or anything I would take her to get checked out as that's a lot of sleep, if she's upset when awake

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 18:10:39

I woke her at about 3:15 for a small bottle which she took and I've just got another small bottle into her but she is sleeping between them and I had to wake her for them she didn't wake up on her own. She's asleep now but keeps crying in her sleep sad

Crazylou Sun 09-Apr-17 18:24:12

I don't want to worry you but that doesn't sound normal at all I would definitely get her checked, has she got a high temperature? Any signs of rashes ??I've been in and out of hospital with my toddler since that age, he became extremely ill all of a sudden on Tuesday and am glad I took him to a&e as he took a seizure and went blue and floppy on me as I arrived lucky they got to him in time with oxygen etc he has 3 viruses in his throat and he was crying on and off that night before it happened, so please get your little one seen,

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 18:32:36

No rashes (I'm paranoid about meningitis so daily rash checks when I'm dressing her and in the evening for bath time blush). No temperature. Also I've kept the house as cool as possible today and she hasn't been out in the sun.

Should I go to A&E? 111 won't give me an appointment at the out of hours and our nearest A&E is over 20 miles each way, I don't drive, but I don't mind paying £60 in taxis if she needs it. Saying that knowing how under funded the NHS are I don't want to get there and be wasting their time when 111 have said not to go.
DD1 died at a few days old 4 and half years ago and I'm petrified she's ill but I've been overly anxious a lot since she's been born so I feel like I'm over reacting.

Crazylou Sun 09-Apr-17 18:40:50

From personal experience I've never trusted Nhs a few times they never gave me an appointment and my little one got worse with pneumonia last year I just went straight to sick kids, it's understandable to feel like that but if gut instinct is telling you something isn't right then please get her seen as soon as you can even if it's your surgery in the morning keep a close eye on her during the night, is she easily waking up for you ?

Foreverhopeful22 Sun 09-Apr-17 18:47:50

Ok before you panic what's her routine eg time asleep, how long awake and how much fluid

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 18:48:16

She's waking easier now than she was earlier, still doing wet nappies. I'm not sleeping tonight either way so I'm definitely keeping an eye on her. How about if I see how she is in an hour (unless she gets worse) if she wakes for her next bottle easily I'll take her to the GP in the morning, if not A&E tonight. Does that sound reasonable?

ScarlettDarling Sun 09-Apr-17 18:54:09

Try to calm down a little...easier said than done I know!
It sounds like she's feeding well and she doesn't have a temperature. Do is the only worrying symptom that she's sleeping a lot more than usual?
Try waking her and giving her a bath. If she's falling asleep or v drowsy in the bath then yes I'd worry and ring 111 again to insist on an out of hours appointment.
If the bath wakes her up a bit then I'd just keep a close eye on her and go to gp in the morning.
I'm not a medic though op so above all, trust your gut instinct and if you aren't happy then continue to seek advice.

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 18:55:24

7pm asleep
4am 7oz bottle
5am asleep
8am 7oz bottle
9:30 asleep
10-10:30 wakes up
12 7oz bottle
1pm sleep
3pm 7oz bottle
6pm 8oz bottle

That would be pretty normal for her. She's been having about 3-4oz every 2-3 hours since 1pm but hasn't woken on her own I've had to wake her and she just wants to sleep once the bottles done. Plenty of wet nappies. Trying not to panic I promise

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 18:57:59

* is the only worrying symptom that she's sleeping a lot more than usual?*

That and the constant crying, she's been teething for around a week and we haven't had a single day when she's not wanted to play at all. She's normally a very happy talkative baby but right now she's just upset/in pain/drowsy.

Thankyou for the advise everyone. Promise I'm trying not to panic.

Foreverhopeful22 Sun 09-Apr-17 19:13:17

So other than 10.30 where she wakes up herself until midday she has pretty much been asleep since 7pm yesterday.

I presume if you don't wake her she sleeps through not waking at all.

Me personally if it was out of character and more sleep than normal by a huge amount and I would not be waiting for morning. I certainly don't have faith in 111.

You do what your gut is telling you. If you are worried and I mean really worried then I would go to a&e.

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 19:23:45

She hasn't woken up on her own at all apart from 4am and 8am. Since then instead of waking on her own for a feed then spending a few hours awake I've been waking her to feed then she's been falling straight back to sleep. I am really worried but I have previous for being really worried over stupid things (mh issues and PTSD) so I don't want to overreact and waste everyone's time, I got shouted at by OOH when she was three months for phoning 111 and getting her an appointment when it turned out to just be a virus going round.
I'll wake her for a bath and bottle at 8 and if she's no better then I'll phone a taxi to hospital and her dad to get him to come A&E with me. He'll get home before the taxi company gets out to us as long as I phone him straight after them and I really cant do the hospital alone.

Foreverhopeful22 Sun 09-Apr-17 19:27:45

Sounds like a good plan. See how she is in the bath. And don't worry about wasting anyone's time.

gooseygander88 Sun 09-Apr-17 19:34:58

Try not to worry yourself (easier said than done I know). Could she be going through a growth spurt? DS had a day a few weeks back just before 6 months old when he slept a lot through out the day but was teething at the same time. (It takes it out of them)! Like yourself I worry about everything and look into so much. If she hasn't got a temperature, nappies are normal and she's drinking these are all pretty good signs! Try not to worry yourself, you'll make yourself ill! Let us know how she is, thinking of you xx flowers

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 19:47:04

Could she be going through a growth spurt? I hadn't considered this but yes definitely she could be, she's due one! She's been taking more at each feed recently and having the odd top up feed in between. I actually said to dp a couple of days ago that I thought she was about to have one. I'm going to keep telling myself that's what it is unless I have to take her to A&E and they tell me otherwise. Maybe if i tell myself often enough I'll even believe it.

She's asleep now but she is actually doing her little baby snoring noise instead of whimpering for the first time all day. It's also suddenly got much cooler, looks like we might have a storm, so hopefully if it cools down tonight she will sleep better and feel better by the morning. I hate not being able to do anything to help! sad

Thankyou again for the kind words and advice, I love mumsnet for this reason, I would be going mad with DP at work and her like this if I was alone and had noone to ask. flowers to you all

ScarlettDarling Sun 09-Apr-17 21:22:31

Did you wake her for her bath? How was she?

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 21:26:54

She had a bath and was a bit more alert than she has been all day. Held herself sat up in the bath, and had a little play before she started rubbing her eyes and whinging. I've dried her and she took 6oz of milk (almost a normal bottle)then she's fallen back asleep. She's really clingy and kept screaming when I put her down but she snuggled into me and fell asleep quickly as long as I held her and she has stayed asleep when I put her into her Moses basket.
I'm going to keep an eye on her tonight paranoidly keep staring at her to evaluate the depth and frequency of her breaths and take her to the GP in the morning.

Thankyou again flowers

Foreverhopeful22 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:35:46

That's good she was alert.

Keep an eye on her.

Try and get some sleep (I know that's easier said than done).

Definitely go doctors tomorrow

ScarlettDarling Mon 10-Apr-17 08:46:45

Hope you had a good night and that your dd is more her normal self today?

Foreverhopeful22 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:10:43

How is she this morning

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