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Toddler has shakes without fever

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Jules2017 Tue 14-Feb-17 14:43:49

Help please, I am really concerned. My little one is 1 and a half and he's been having an unusual behaviour, like a shake of the arms, hands and head for a few seconds. There's no eye rolling or loss of consciousness. He stops whatever he is doing when he has the shakes which last a few seconds, then continues as normal. He seems to have no fever and apart from these shakes he behaves normally, he runs around, he's his usual chatty self (maybe with the exception of this morning when he seemed very tired before the episode happened).

It happened 4 times today, his Gran noticed it a few days ago happening once as well, I noticed something similar every now and then (not often) in the past months, no obvious pattern.

When it happened before (quite rarely) he was playing or tensing over a toy and we attributed it to over excitement or being annoyed at something he was playing with. But today felt different because it happened in unusual circumstances, he wasn't playing, three times he was in the high chair eating, and one time he was outside in the buggy while we were in a coffee shop. The friend that I was with also found it unusual so it wasn't just me imagining it. It looked like the kind of shiver one might have from a cold.

I have an urgent GP appointment this afternoon but I am really miserable and concerned and I could appreciate if anyone who experienced smth like this could write me a few words. What can this be? :-( Thank you X

Brankolium Wed 15-Feb-17 12:53:27

Just seen this today. Poor you, the worry is awful, even for things that turn out to be nothing flowers

How did the appointment go yesterday?

GloGirl Mon 20-Feb-17 18:44:36

My DS had strange spasm episodes and an episode of an absence too when sat in his high chair, I was very panicked and worried about epilepsy. The Neurologist we saw watched a few videos I had taken of these episodes and was able to tell me that it wasn't epilepsy at all he had Gratification Disorder.

When my son was sitting down he was basically being stimulated in his groin, it's common mainly in children who are sitting in a car seat, buggy, high chair etc. The relief when I was told was absolutely incredible. You definitely need to see a GP and get a referral but I just thought I'd say that even the GP had told me it was epilepsy but in fact it was just my son processing these sensations.

He did used to shiver like he was cold at other times when he wasn't sitting down and still does it when trying a new food.

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