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16month got face covered in mud!

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TeaCupFlup Sun 05-Feb-17 20:46:04

Went to visit my parents who live on a farm. Got DS all suited in his little all in one rain suit and wellies for a toddle out on the farm. I'll point out early on that I was holding his hand but he is mr independent and wanted to break away so I was clearly a little over confident and let go. Of course seconds later he trips over, hands go down, no problem....except then somehow he tipped forward and got half a face pack of mud going on.
My query is that this mud was all around and over his eyelid. Washed his face off tried to be extra careful around his eye but both eyes a bit gooey today, not overly but has required a bit of a wipe a couple of times. He does have a cold that he has had a couple of days. Could this just be related to cold or should we be getting his eye checked?

louise987 Sun 05-Feb-17 20:58:17

Sure all is fine, symptoms are probably related to his cold and general irritation of getting stuff in his eye.
If any signs of infection (fever, localised heat, swelling) emerge give the GP a call to get it checked for your piece of mind.
Did he get cut / did it get into broken skin anywhere? Only a (very low) risk if he's not vaccinated, but I'm assuming in this day and age all kids are fully protected against infections (like tetanus)
Hope he gets better soon OP

Grewsap Sun 05-Feb-17 21:01:07

Erm. My children have all been covered in mud, inadvertently eaten it. They are fine.

Twopeapods Mon 06-Feb-17 22:01:50

My two have just had conjunctivitis following colds.
Keep cleaning with cotton wool and cooled boiled water, and if persistent you can get drops from the pharmacy.

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