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my 51/2yr dayghter is more like a 3 yr old

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baycass03 Fri 27-Jan-17 10:45:22

Please can anyone give me advice, iam really worried about my child, she's the youngest of 3. She's usually happy care free, she's so so behind at school she should still be in reception, she does have bad eyesight but has glasses and a consultant, she has temper tantrums. She bits and pinches her almost 7 bro and 12 yr old sis, she can barely write her name, she can't remember her shapes. Were just on the edge of going into meetings tests and special help...i do try my hardest to help her with reading and writing, shapes, they are doing 2d and 3d shapes but she can't name them let alone distinguish 2 or 3 D. She is asleep by 6.30 pm every night, but she does wake up to 5 times a night screaming shouting, she doesn't remember in the morning, she's still in nappy's, she now sleeps in my bed so I can calm her before she wakes the other two, or our neighbours who hear her, HELP...

NuffSaidSam Fri 27-Jan-17 13:57:10

She sounds like she has some SN. Hopefully you'll get a better of idea of what could be causing it when you get her assessed and then you'll be better placed to get her any additional help she needs.

Her bad behaviour could maybe be a result of frustration if she's being expected to work above her ability level at school and at home. I would take the pressure off for a while. If she's not ready to write her name/do her shapes yet don't worry about it for now. Just let her go at her own pace for a while. I'd consider taking her out of school for a while if that's possible for you.

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