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A&E or not??

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CarolJones342 Mon 16-Jan-17 13:24:21

I'm on my way to A&E with my 6yo little girl and just want some reassurance I won't be laughed out of there! She had a bad case of scarlet fever a few weeks ago, for the past few days I've been a bit concerned that she has rheumatic fever as she's been complaining of painful joints (waking crying in the night and her knees were really hot and a little swollen), back ache, tummy pains and a few minor nose bleeds. I took her to the gp this morning and he didn't even check her over, just looked at her throat and said the SF has pretty much gone and rheumatic fever isn't common so it's unlikely.

When we got home she started saying her chest hurt and felt 'bubbly', I'm guessing she meant palpitations but it is just a guess, and she said it feels like she has to breathe quickly. Am I wasting their time at A&E by taking her up? I don't want to be one of those idiots who turns up for nothing but I'm really worried about her.

Getnakedorgohome Mon 16-Jan-17 13:26:19

Call 111 or take her in. Don't rely on unqualified (in the main) anonymous respondents on the Internet. Hope she's OK flowers

CarolJones342 Mon 16-Jan-17 13:27:36

Thank you, im not looking for a diagnosis on here, I just wondered if I'd be wasting their valuable time up at A&E smile

Lovemusic33 Mon 16-Jan-17 13:27:59

Did your gp listen to her chest?

I think you need to follow your mummy instinct, doctors don't always get it right, I had to take my daughter to 3 different doctors and a&e before we got a diagnosis of scarlet fever. I know scarlet fever can take a while to recover from but if you are worried then I would get it checked out, she may have a secondary infection (chest infection).

SortAllTheThings Mon 16-Jan-17 13:28:20

How fast is she breathing? Sounds like you should ring the GP and get her seen again if her chest is hurting and/or she's breathing very fast.

CarolJones342 Mon 16-Jan-17 13:49:12

I called the gp and they had no appointments, they just said to take her to A&E if I was worried. I'm here now, they don't seem annoyed by our presence so that's good! Thanks guys for the advice smile

shewolfmum Thu 19-Jan-17 22:50:28

How is she? Sounds like you did the right thing.

DragonitesRule Thu 19-Jan-17 22:54:33

Hope you're ok. However...

The staff won't seem annoyed to you as it's called being a professional but A&E wasn't warranted for this. Especially in the middle of a normal working day, when you should have discussed with your GP by telephone at least.

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