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Please tell me they can stop my 6 year starting puberty!!

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festiveleadballoon Tue 20-Dec-16 13:49:17

She had a poo accident and while I was wiping her bum (she was bent over) I noticed black pubic hairs growing on her vulva! As I looked closer when she was sat up (I told her I needed to get out a bit of poo from around her vagina) I noticed there was a lot of downy light coloured hair developing which I'm guessing will soon turn into pubic hair. She's only just turned 6 a few months ago. Please tell me that something can be done to stop her from starting her periods or growing breasts at her age. Or if anyone else has experienced this please tell me everything is ok I'm so worried. I can't imagine how she would even deal with it even with the support I know she will get from myself and dh and the rest of our family it's just something I don't want her to have to go through at this age.

youcantgoback Tue 20-Dec-16 14:45:23

If you go to your GP you can ask for a referral to a paediatrician where they will carry out some basic checks for bone age, hormone levels etc. At this age, it could be precocious puberty and could be suppressed if necessary. You can go to the Child Growth Foundation web site for more info, but please do make a GP appointment as it can take a while to be referred.

JustKeepSwimming24 Thu 22-Dec-16 19:19:02

Does your DD have any other signs of puberty? We're going through this with our nearly 7 year old DD. Our older DD noticed her little sister had a few long pubic hairs while they were having a bath together sad I checked her over for other signs (under arm hair, breast buds, measured and weighed her and logged her height and weight and checked it against national average for her age-DD is 50th centile for both) she had no other signs until a few weeks later we started to smell sweat on her at the end of the day. I noticed one breast bud had come up on one side as well so took her to the GP. She told us to get DDs eyes tested, she carried out some tests to check DDs co-ordination and balance and referred her to a paediatric endocrinologist.

When the appointment came through DD had a wrist X-ray to check her bone age, she was checked over and then we had to go back for hormone tests. This took about 3 hours. DD had a cannula inserted in her arm and they took baseline bloods and then injected hormone into her. She then had blood taken every half hour.

We're waiting for results now, if DD needs treatment to stop puberty the consultant will ring us. It's been 3 weeks so hopefully DD just has "premature adrenarche/thelarche" the consultant described this as the body getting ready for puberty and adrenal glands firing up but then settling again? This causes hair growth/sweating/breast buds but no big growth spurt which is associated with true puberty..

Scary isn't it sad I've worried myself sick waiting to hear the results! Hopefully it's not true puberty but if it is the consultant told us she'll just have an injection every 3 months to halt it. Get your DD to the GP for further tests OP, hope this essay has been helpful in some way!

MoreBushThanMoss Thu 22-Dec-16 19:26:25

I can remember growing a little public hair and having bagina like discharge, needing deodorant etc (sorry tmi!!!) around age 8- but didn't actually start periods until 13. It all happened very slowly. DM never took me to a doctor... Perhaps slight parental negligence. My sister on the other hand was showing NO signs of puberty and suddenly started her periods at age 9! Theres a huge range of "normal" and puberty IME can be a real stop/start business- please try not to panic too much until you've seen a doctor- though I know it's hard.

MoreBushThanMoss Thu 22-Dec-16 19:27:16

Not "bagina like" ... Vaginal confused

festiveleadballoon Fri 23-Dec-16 00:13:42

just keep swimming thankyou so much for your experience with this. It is so so scary I just don't know how to feel at all. She's my little girl sad my dd is very high up the centile for height but then her dad is 6.4 and well built. I know this might sound very naive of me but what exactly are breast buds confused I've heard the term before and I feel a bit embarrassed to ask the doctor as I feel I should know. Is it the little bumps that we have around our nipples ?

PickAChew Fri 23-Dec-16 00:38:10

Breast buds are little lumps behind the areolae/ nipples, which make them protrude (some boys get them too, which I never knew until one of mine did!)

JustKeepSwimming24 Fri 23-Dec-16 07:47:47

Festiveleadballoon, you're welcome I know it's scary, I'm constantly worrying and waiting for a letter or a call from the consultant every day sad

If you gently press your DDs nipple you'll feel a small hard lump under it if she has a breast bud. I thought the appearance of them meant definite puberty but it disappeared! And then one came up on the other side! The consultant said this can happen well before puberty begins.

If your DH is tall I wouldn't worry too much about DDs height. My DH is 6ft and I'm 5ft 5, DD 1 is tall but DD2 has always been dinky smile

festiveleadballoon Fri 23-Dec-16 08:42:11

Thankyou and I do hope everything goes well for you and your little girl. I suppose I feel very lucky that this day in age we have this option available on the NHS to be able to stop it for a while.

JustKeepSwimming24 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:37:55

Thanks fsmile yes we are lucky! Let's hope neither of our DDs need it.

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