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Post viral cough - is it asthma and the blue inhaler makes no difference

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romanrainsalot Tue 13-Dec-16 14:16:06

DS (5) has always been one to catch all the colds going round. When he was younger, he'd always end up with chest infections etc and the most awful wheezy squeaky chest. As he's got a bit older, the chest infections are less frequent but...

This cold virus has been going around and has left him with "THE COUGH". It never stops all day. He just coughs all day (at night once he's asleep he's fine, barely coughs (is on montelukast, taken in an evening). Blue inhaler makes no difference -1 puff, 8 puffs doesn't have any effect.

I worry because I feel helpless and can't help him and what long term damage it might do, all this coughing. Clearly he is fighting off something as his adenoids are a bit swollen. He's fine in himself, eating well and drinking plenty.

Any advice, similar etc?

Realitea Sat 17-Dec-16 13:02:58

My dd has had the cough since September. It's just horrible. She doesn't wheeze so I don't think it's asthma despite her being given a blue inhaler.
Have you asked about a short course of steroids to see if that helps?

Realitea Sat 17-Dec-16 13:04:28

Did he have the whooping cough vaccine by the way? It's a lot more common than people think. I don't think a long term cough can cause any serious damage, only aching muscles from all the coughing.

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