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10 month old poo question

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arielmanto Tue 15-Nov-16 21:07:53

Hi all
I may be being PFB but please advise? LO is 10.5mo, healthy, eats well, fully weaned. (Has been for 6+ weeks. Judgy pants off, there were factors outside of our control).
Every day for 4 months she has pooped 3 times a day, the moment she finishes a meal.
Saturday she didn't go at all, and on Sunday we had a poonami at teatime. Full coverage, front back and sides, very runny, brown. No other symptoms of illness, no temp, no vomiting.
Monday we had two more loose ones (seep out of the nappy-ers). Today nothing all day until 6pm when there was another terrible explosion, totally full, very wet, very red. The thing is I can't remember when I last gave her beetroot but I'm pretty sure that's why it's red. God I hope that's why.
Here's the crunch point - she has no teeth yet. Could this be teething related?? It's been three days of awful poo and no other symptoms and I probably can't leave the house tomorrow cos I need to hose her down after, poor kid.
Anyone any ideas?
(I've read it back, it's definitely PFB, sorry!)

TheLongRains Tue 15-Nov-16 23:06:55

PFB or not, with red poo, off there's any chance it could be blood, I'd take a risk of an explosion away from the safety of the shower and get her to the doctor tomorrow.

I'm not sure what the guidelines are on how many days of runny nappies you should wait before seeing a doctor, but they might send a stool sample off to put your mind at ease.

Honestly, with what you describe, I'd be going to the doctor tomorrow, so don't feel PFB about it! If it is something, you'll be glad you went smile

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