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Adenoids/Tonsil Enlargement

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sillygilly80 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:11:52

We suddenly noticed that my 2.5 year old had huge lumps in the back of his throat, around the tonsil area. Having had tonsillitis myself I assumed it to be this. He didn't seem to be unwell in any way, no lethargy or complaints in general. If we hadn't seen it, we wouldnt have thought anything of it.

So I took him to the Dr and he said he would prescribe antibiotics but for us to try Ibuprofen first for a couple of days (3x day) and see if that helped, if it didnt to use the antibiotics. So that we did and after the 3 days of Ibuprofen - nothing changed, 7 days of antibiotics - nothing changed, so I took him back.

Doc now says what I can see are not his tonsils but his adenoids (confused why he didnt say this the first time), and what I have read online is that you cannot see adenoids, so I dont know what to think. He tells me my son has Atopy which is to do with his general reaction to allergens (he has eczema & sensitive airways which seem to be inflamed when he eats raisins) so I can believe this part.

He said that the adenoids should reduce in size by the time he's 6, but i am not convinced that I should just leave him with these big lumps in his throat. He snores and breathes noisily through his nose at night and has a tendency to stop breathing for a second or two, but in general it doesn't bother him.

Should I get a second opinion, or does anyone have a similar experience to this and think my doc is actually right and that its normal.ish.

YoHoHoandabottleofTequila Mon 14-Nov-16 14:40:33

You can't see adenoids, you can only feel them.

Yes adenoids and tonsils do shrink eventually. My DS had his out as the consultant said it would just get worse though. If your child is having sleep apnoea I would video his breathing and see a different doctor. Having them out made a massive difference to my DS's sleeping.

sillygilly80 Tue 15-Nov-16 11:27:50

Thats a great idea, I am going to try that. Making an appointment with another doctor to get another opinion as well.

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