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Loss of appetite- 20 month old

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ICSH1 Wed 19-Oct-16 21:04:50

Hi guys!

I'm new here but was hoping you could help me out!

My 20 month old started nursery for the first time in mid September and since being there seems to have (as you might expect) picked up numerous colds and tummy upsets (nothing dramatic just some smelly poo...) He also has asthma so has been on his inhaler more regularly than usual since he has been there. Over the past couple of weeks he's been particularly snotty and wheezy (no temperature) and also had a couple of bouts of runny poo but he's also really off his food and I'm so worried about him as he's normally an OK eater. He doesn't touch much of the food at nursery and though I can get him to eat things at home I have to distract him. He's still taking milk and fluids ok and I've tested him with sweet foods (he loves those...) to see if it's genuine appetite loss or pickiness. Tonight he ate an entire bag of milk buttons and a yoghurt...he's ever so slightly pale but energetic, happy and interested in things. He's not waking in the night for food.

I don't know whether to take him to the doctors, ask a health visitor or how much I should be worrying? Is it a phase? Is his system just adjusting to the new germs and he's a bit under the weather? I do have an older child but I don't remember this with him. I probably should also mention that I have health anxiety- this has been exacerbated by my eldest having an operation when he was a baby, a late termination due to severe brain damage in my second baby and Jude having to be resuscitated when he was 6 months old after an asthma attack. I'm not a basket case (honest!! 😏) but it does make me jittery around potential illnesses.

Any experience or advice welcome...

Thanks! X

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