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bunniJ Mon 12-Sep-16 19:45:30

Hey all. This is my first post on mumsnet so i figure i should introduce myself first..
I am a mummy of 2, Charlotte 2 years old (3 in december) and Mariee-Ann 10 months old (1 in december).
Charlotte, my eldest, has enlarged adenoids and will need them taking out. She is constantly snotty and bunged up and its heartbreaking to see her like that constantly! Anway, we recently were referred up to the ENT department and they are going to schedule an Adenoid removal. Basically what i am asking is, does anyone have any experience going through this? what is the procedure like? recovery? a nights stay in hospital after? obviously i will be told all this nearer the time but i need to know now haha!
She is also having grommets fitted in her ears so any input on that would also be great.

Thanks smile

HereIAm20 Mon 12-Sep-16 19:59:02

My son had both done at the same tome too when he was a lot younger. We went in early 7am and went home the same day. He had to stay off school/nursery for a week to minimise the ridk of infection. This was in relation to the adenoids as he had previously had a set of grommets and after that life was just the same as usual. He wasn't unwell at all and actually the being off was a pain because he was so well snd we couldn't go to the park etc. Just be prepared with colouring books, books etc to keep them amused and not bored.

HereIAm20 Mon 12-Sep-16 19:59:52

Excuse typos -stubby fingers on iPhone

bunniJ Mon 12-Sep-16 20:49:27

thank you hun x

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