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Is this really just teething....?

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angelpuffs Sun 11-Sep-16 22:52:48

My DD is 7.5 months and for the last 3 nights has woken every hour-ish screaming and writhing in pain. Mostly she's refused milk, occasionally she's taken it. During the day, her solid feeds are not affected, she has no temperature and is quite happy. She's been awake for the last 2 hrs though, screaming. Is teething really this painful? I took her to an out of hours doctor this morning who checked her over and said she had slightly red Eustachian tubes but that there was no actual ear infection, and everything else seemed fine.

Please let me know if teething can be so bad or if you think it's something else. Forgot to say- she's got her 2 bottom teeth already so it would be the top 2 that are on their way...?

TheTittifersHaveSungTheirSong Tue 13-Sep-16 20:51:03

Could be teething! My LO was a nightmare when his top ones came through, though he had a temp, clingy and was generally feeling sorry for himself (four came through at once!)

We got through it by alternating calpol and nurofen to keep him dosed up and gave him teething granules too.
And frozen yogurt to help soothe gums.

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