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Chicke Pox / Infected Mouth / Gums?

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BethJH Wed 24-Aug-16 19:34:27

My 2 year old took unwell a week ago - temp, grumpy, didnt want to eat etc. - and I thought it was a virus. She stopped letting us brush her teeth and seemed to get awful breath.
After 4/5 days a single chicken pox type spot appeared near her mouth and one on her arm. As there had been cases at her nursey earlier in the month, and the doctor said they were, I assume that she had chicken pox and would get more spots.
However, no new spots appeared anywhere but she continuted to refuse most food, the toothbrush and general face touching.
Now, on day 7 another spot has appeared on her lip but its more like a proper 'spot' and when she was crying I noticed all her gums were hugely inflamed and there were large white type lumps behind and infront of her top teeth. Her breath is still awful and she is periodically very distressed. She does want to eat but will only take yoghurt or ice cream.
I feel awful that Id not noticed before now! Ive booked her in with the dentist but I'm now thinking I might take her to the doctor again. Could it be infected chicken pox? Can you get it just in the mouth? Or perhaps its something else entirely, hand foot & mouth? Mouth infection?
I'm pretty certain its not gum disease so quickly as her last check up was not that long ago and all was fine. Its really odd and I feel pretty stumped by it.
Was just wondering if it rang any bells with anyone.
Thanks. sad

sausagepoo Wed 24-Aug-16 19:35:37

Hand foot and mouth. My toddler's gums were white and bled a lot.

sausagepoo Wed 24-Aug-16 19:36:38

She kept trying to eat but couldn't. Her mouth looked awful. Just a few spots round her mouth and a couple near her hands, none on her feet.

BethJH Wed 24-Aug-16 19:47:12

Thanks for the message. flowers
Sounds like it could be. I guess its one of those that has to run its course too. Hope she felt better quickly.

sausagepoo Wed 24-Aug-16 19:50:05

It sounds exactly like you describe, there were what looked like big white scaly patches behind her teeth. She also had lots of spots/ulcers all over her tongue. The spots cleared up before the gum white stuff did. We didn't clean her teeth for about a week as it would just bleed really quite heavily when we tried.

BethJH Wed 24-Aug-16 20:49:40

Yip. Im pretty convinced. Think I'll be cancelling the dentist. x

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