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Was this sleep apnea?

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SausageSmuggler Wed 25-May-16 20:21:40

I was woken up last night by DD2(10m)'s motion sensor monitor. I switched it off but noticed she wasn't lying in a place the sensor wouldn't have picked up IYSWIM. I put my hand on her back but couldn't feel her breathing so poked her (gently!) and she took a deep breath and was fine. She's also fine this morning apart from a runny nose.

I have no experience of sleep apnea, is that what it could've been? Should I take her to the GP or anything?

VioletBam Thu 26-May-16 06:09:18

What is the motion sensor for? Does it literally just notice movements? If so, why would you think that she has sleep apnea?

SausageSmuggler Thu 26-May-16 07:51:20

It monitors breathing and beeps after 20 seconds if it can't detect anything. Same thing happened again last night.

I'm not saying I think that's what it was, but I don't know what other reasons there are for not breathing when asleep. I'm open to other suggestions.

VioletBam Thu 26-May-16 07:58:10

Oh I see! Sorry I got confused with the motion sensors which detect movement in the burglar alarm type things!

I never knew the breathing monitors were basically motion sensors...I would go to the GP OP even if it's just to set your mind at rest. I'm sure that we all stop breathing at times...but with a baby it's frightening. Does the sensor have batteries? Is it very old? There could also be a chance it malfunctioned if so.

McBassyPants Wed 01-Jun-16 15:29:34

One major problem with them is that they don't pick up shallow breaths very well. It could well be that. You can see your gp but I'm not sure how much weight they will give to the sensor

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