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blood & protein in urine but no infection

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Stellarella123 Wed 30-Mar-16 21:36:32

I'm a bit worried , my 10 yr old niece has had a sore tummy and flow of urine stopping & starting, doc dip tested & showed protein & blood but the sample has come back showing no infection, why would she have blood & protein? She's still not right & doc says take paracetamol, might be stomach migraine.... I'm not convinced ,

MrsOs Thu 31-Mar-16 04:39:10

What did the dr say it might be?

Stellarella123 Thu 31-Mar-16 09:20:29

Doctor says it could be a stomach migraine, but that wouldn't think that'd affect flow of urine?

Stellarella123 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:58:32


RustyPaperclip Thu 31-Mar-16 22:08:34

That's a weird coincidence. I had a lot of urinary tract infections at university. After lots of tests I too was told that there was blood and protein in the urine, but no infection. I also suffered from extremely painful hip pains. Due to my history of migraines I was told that I was told that I was suffering from a migraine in my hip. I was very much hmm. Unfortunately due to finals I didn't get a chance to follow it up. I would be interested in an update if that is ok. I still get the occasional symptoms of urinary tract infection, and migraines have always been in the back of my mind although I was rather dismissive.

Best wishes to your niece.

Stellarella123 Fri 01-Apr-16 22:49:27

Oh good to hear were not alone, il defo keep you updated of what happens next, thanks

Mummytron Fri 01-Apr-16 23:07:20

I've always had a trace of blood and protein in my urine. My GP said sometimes people do. The only time it was clear was when I was pregnant!!

OzzieFem Sat 02-Apr-16 07:32:08

Haematuria (bood in urine) and protein in the urine but without pain, infection or any other symptoms can be a sign of an immune system disorder. However, any haematuria with protein and pain should be further investigated as it could mean you have kidney stones or other problems.

If you are unhappy with the Dr's. diagnosis I would suggest you request a referral to a Nephrologist who specializes in kidney problems.

Mummytron Sat 02-Apr-16 09:33:14

That's interesting, I have an auto immune disease but no doctor has ever made that link x

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