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wishiwasacollie Mon 14-Mar-16 06:40:07

Dd has had permanent perforated war drum since she was 5. She is now 12. Last year we went to see ENT consultant full of hope that this would be the year rhey did myringoplasty. The consultant threw me. He said therat her hearing wouldnt improve and there was a danger with the surgery that her nerves would be damaged in her mouth. I asked how real those risks were so I could weigh them up. I was told they were real risks and that definitely her hearing would be no different. I was devastated as we had been hoping for a long time that this would be the end of problems. Issue now is that DD entering teenage years is very self conscious about ear plugs and headband. Why though would we put her through an operation if it wouldnt solve hearing and may damage taste sensation in her mouth. The consultant also said she would still need to wear the ear plugs and headband.
Purpose of post is to find others experiences

GlitteryShoes Mon 14-Mar-16 06:49:49

Hi, my daughter has had 2 myringoplasties. The first was quite successful with no major side effects, but the second ( on her other ear) was much more problematic, and she has significant nerve damage in her mouth ( apparently this gets worse with every surgery as hey have to move the nerve ). It means she tastes food as spicy that isn't spicy, and she cannot tolerate things like mint. Some foods she can't taste at all. It bothered her a lot for about a year, but she is used to it now ( though it can make cooking difficult).
Recovery from the op is tough, my dad could not walk steadily for about 2 weeks each time, and after the 2nd op she had a lot of bleeding and infections. She now needs it repeating on the 2nd ear as it failed, but we are reluctant to go through it again. Sorry I can't be more positive- I would definitely seek a second opinion and ask about success rates.

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