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Newborn congested/struggling to breathe at night

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whatsoever Sun 06-Mar-16 04:20:47

DD is 3 weeks old. She was fine for the first week or so but since then has struggled to breathe at night and we have ended up sitting her upright on us to allow her some relief/to sleep at all. However the last couple of days she struggles even upright.

The GP thought a cold or at an outside chance reflux and presribed gaviscon but said give up the gaviscon if it didn't improve quickly. No improvement after 48 hours of gaviscon so we gave up (nightmare to administer as bf anyway).

We've tried raising head of moses basket, sleeping in pram top in case moses basket is the problem, saline nose drops, snufflebabe vapour rub - nothing has helped.

Only thing recommended so far we haven't tried is a humidifer but as there is usually washing drying in the next room I suspect the air is not dry in our bedroom anyway.

She does not have this issue in the day and no other symptoms of a cold. HV and GP didn't really recommend the snot sucker things (GP said hospital ones much thinner than ones public can buy).

Any experience/advice gratefully received. It is very distressing not being able to help her and we're getting a bit delirious with lack of sleep too.

firsttimemum15 Sun 06-Mar-16 04:40:29

Steam from the shower helped me. Helped to loosed mucus and baby loved he shower noise and nodded right off.

GetHappy Mon 07-Mar-16 08:16:30

Have you tried the calpol plug in .... Has always worked well with my DD

whatsoever Mon 07-Mar-16 08:37:29

Thanks both

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