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meningitis B vaccine

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chubbyandcheerful Tue 16-Feb-16 21:02:56

I'm in the situation where my newborn baby will get this vaccine but my toddler will not... I am forced to get hers on private as I couldn't live with the fact that one of my kids is vaccinated and one is not... What are your thoughts on this? And what have you done?

Also here's a link (if it works) to a petition to get this available for all the kids.

chubbyandcheerful Tue 16-Feb-16 21:18:53

And then I saw this article, basically saying they are running out of vaccines! So possibly not able to get this done privately anymore either... confused

PurpleDaisies Tue 16-Feb-16 21:30:11

There's another thread running where a very brave mumsnetter shares her experiences of using a child to meningitis. If anyone is wavering about signing the petition it is well worth reading.

Theonlyoneiknow Wed 17-Feb-16 23:41:49

Does anyone know if there is now a total shortage, privately, of the vaccine or has anyone managed to find a clinic recently with some in stock? Many thanks (I'm in Scotland)

AppleYumYum Thu 18-Feb-16 11:01:51

Anyone in the Cheshire area found anywhere privately with stock?

WitteryTwittery Thu 18-Feb-16 11:07:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chubbyandcheerful Thu 18-Feb-16 11:08:55

I called a clinic (south of England) and they told me there is a national shortage and more stock coming (expected) in June but if they get any earlier they will let me know, I put my DD on the waiting list...

Joneseygirl77 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:52:14

Same here in Cheshire. I called a clinic in Chestet this morning to be told they have stocks left but they are reserved for existing patients currently. However they did add me to the waiting list in case some decide not to take up the 2nd/3rd dose. They advised new stocks are due in June but are more likely to arrive July time. Apparently the national shortage only started 2-3 weeks ago.

Joneseygirl77 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:52:37

Or even Chester not sure Chestet exists!

MoreGilmoreGirls Thu 18-Feb-16 12:59:38

Boots told me at least six months for more private vaccine supplies. I'll be in the same boat as you OP with a baby who is vaccinated and a toddler who is not. It seems very unfair when we're prepared to pay and cant even get it.

chubbyandcheerful Thu 18-Feb-16 15:24:39

Oh no so the shortage only just started?!? confused So I basically just missed it!! I could bang my head against the wall now as it was about 6 months ago when I started thinking about this and didn't do anything about it! And now I've decided to go ahead with it and they've ran out of stock... My baby is due soon so I expect he will have his vaccine in about May time. I really want my DD to have hers around same time too. I'd never forgive myself if she would get this disease now...

sugar21 Thu 18-Feb-16 15:27:58

chubbyandcheerful My dd died from Men B I have a couple of thread atm in chat and nobody seems to be able to access the vaccine

chubbyandcheerful Thu 18-Feb-16 15:44:35

I'm so sorry for your loss... I'm so upset over all this that I'm sat here crying.

I can't believe they're running out of stock. How were they not more prepared for this!

chubbyandcheerful Thu 18-Feb-16 15:49:31

I just found your thread... I couldn't see through my tears while reading it. I'm so very sorry for your little girl...

sugar21 Thu 18-Feb-16 15:49:59

Thank you

AppleYumYum Thu 18-Feb-16 17:17:40

I'm so sorry sugar21 there are no words, I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through sad.

sugar21 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:19:14

AppleYumYum thank you

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