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2.5 year old sick for over 2 weeks already. need advice and help

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hartmel Wed 03-Feb-16 05:04:36

Posted this in another thread but hoping to get a quicker response here.

My oldest is 2.5 years old and has been refusing to drink or eat much.. After 4 days of him refusing to drink and eat I took him to a&e and he got diagnosed with strep throat and a swollen lymph node! He got antibiotics for 10 days which I gave him! But no change he still has no big appetite. And on Sunday he started to vomiting. On Monday he committed 3 times and Tuesday also 3 times. I tried giving him pretzels and ginger ale but he refuses it. So I took him to see a walk in doctor (our family doctor moved away and we are still waiting for a new one) and there in front of the doctor my son threw up again and all he said was just watch and give him something to drink.

My son complains all day with stomach pain. I'm starting to worry as it is already over 2 weeks with him complaining about his stomach pain.

The doctor told us to get some blood test done to check for bacteria. But he just told us to watch him.
He only had one wet diaper all day and that felt like he peed just a little bit as the diaper was not even full. I told that the doctor and he was not concerned at all.

I know you moms are not doctors but what would you do? What should I do?
I'm exhausted as I have a 1.4 year old who keeps me busy too. Plus I had the stomach flu on the weekend too.
He sleeps through the night no problem but during the day it is worse!

Oh and he does not go to daycare. I'm a stay at home mom
Thanks (sorry for the long post)

Witchend Wed 03-Feb-16 12:52:57

Stomach pain may well be swollen glands in the tummy area.

I think I'd take him back to check the throat's better and nothing else has come up.

beautifulgirls Wed 03-Feb-16 21:52:17

Back to the doctor if you are worried.

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