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Swollen lymph nodes in 5yo neck - doctors or not?

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WeeMadArthur Thu 07-Jan-16 16:50:19

DS was off color yesterday, easily upset and quite hot to touch but seemed fine this morning, good appetite and cheery so sent him off to school. On pick up they said he had been really quiet today and when we got home he started crying because he had felt really cold today (although he perked up after some hot chocolate!) He has pink/red cheeks and noticeable lymph nodes in his neck, so I'm not sure whether to send him to school tomorrow or whether to take him to the doctors to be checked out?

AnotherTimeMaybe Thu 07-Jan-16 19:41:40

Could it be tonsilitis? Did you check his throat? I'd go to the GP.... Good luck!

WeeMadArthur Thu 07-Jan-16 20:19:36

Didn't think of that, I'll google what it looks like, thanks!

peggyundercrackers Thu 07-Jan-16 20:26:01

Our 3yr old and 5 month old both had swollen lymph nodes at the same time. We noticed it in 3yr old first and panicked because she was also saying she was tired all the time. Went to doc and he referred us. By the time the appoint came through for the consultant our 5month old had a lump as well. The consultant said it was very common in kids and it was common for people to panic. Within about 6 weeks of us noticing the lumps they had gone in both of them, we were very relieved tbh.

I think it's worth getting them checked out if you are worried but don't jump the gun and think the worst. Don't google either, you will just worry yourself silly.

jojo8805 Fri 08-Jan-16 19:44:10

my 7 yr old son has suffered with this since he was 2 had numerous drs/specialist check them out and every time they have always been fine but was always told to keep an eye on the size(pea sized is considered normal) and if they become painful always worth having them checked

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