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Fluid on baby's head/Caput succedaneum

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Lifeunexpected Mon 07-Dec-15 18:40:22

Hi all,

I'm searching for some advice and hopefully reassurance.

My DS is now 10 weeks old. He has a large lump on his head which is moveable (it can be pushed to the top of his head but primarily remains at the back of his head due to gravity!) and seems full of fluid. It's the size of a golf ball. This was noticeable when he was 3 weeks old and has become wider. We're not sure if it's got bigger since because it changes shape as he moves. We don't think it's got smaller. Prior to this he had a large bruise from the suction cup used during labour.

So far....

The GP from out of hours told us that it's just some fluid and keep an eye on it.
A cover health visitor suggested we got a 2nd opinion because any lumps from the suction cup should have gone by now.
My GP said that he didn't know what it was and had never seen anything like it. He wasn't concerned, but referred us to a paediatrician.
My health visitor then told me to go to A&E because she hadn't seen it before.
At A&E a doctor told us it's a hematona but referred us to the Children's Ward.
On the Children's ward the junior doctor said that she hadn't seen it before so we had to wait for the registrar. The registrar told us that it's not a hematona, it's a Caput succedaneum, that it's nothing to worry about and it will go over time (this was over 3 weeks ago).

I finally have the appointment with the paediatrician on Wednesday and Ill see what they say.

I was wondering if anyone can relate to this experience with their little one? If so, how long did it take to go? Were there any complications or health issues?
If it's a Caput succedaneum then why it is still there, over 10 weeks later?

He seems healthy in other respects. He has the usual problems with wind/colic and the jabs have unsettled him.

I would be grateful of hearing anyone's experiences or advice. Thank you x

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