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Tummy issues - movicol

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longdiling Fri 04-Dec-15 07:19:54

I've posted before about my 8 year old DS and his tummy problems. For the last couple of months he's had stomach pain in the evening - like IBS symptoms really. He's been pooing regularly - around 3 times a day so we assued not constipation. I suspected some kind of food intolerance but eliminating dairy didn't help. Doctor prescribed a ventolin pump for a condition that causes rectal pain. He doesn't have rectal pain and the pump hasn't helped. Now the Dr has prescribed Movicol. She thinks he may have faecal impaction. I'm not convinced but willing to give anything a try! However the movicol is making him feel very sick and the dose she has prescribed seems too low to make a difference anyway - 1 sachet a day. The leaflet with the movicol suggests very high doses of around 8 -10 sachets a day for faecal impaction and at least 2 for constipation.

Has anyone elses child had such a low dose of movicol and found it helped?

soupmaker Sun 06-Dec-15 22:44:05

Hello. My DD1 had impaction. She went to the loo to do a poo at least once a day so I was sceptical but turned out she was very full of hard poo. You're right to query whether 1 sachet will make any difference. Have a look at the ERIC site. I always find it very helpful.

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