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Sprained ankle - still swollen after 4 months

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verybusybear Sun 07-Jun-15 19:47:22


My 6 year old sprained her ankle mid feb and it's still noticeably swollen compared to the other one. I've asked her and she says it doesn't hurt. She is certainly running around, on the trampoline etc so it does seem to be stopping her.

We did go to the hospital when she did it and X-rays showed no break. To be honest though she didn't do ice (she was hysterical at the idea of it) and she also didn't do much resting.

I should also mention that she was diagnosed with psoriasis a few months ago (which is why I didn't push her on the ice as stress can trigger a flare up). 25% ish of psoriasis sufferers go on to get arthritis. So I'm terrified that is what this is, although as I said she says there is no pain.

I did take her back to the gp 8 weeks ago and they just said not to worry, the swelling was taking a while to go down. I'm going to try and get her another appointment this week.

What does everyone think? Anyone known there to be swelling after this long?

MerdeAlor Mon 08-Jun-15 11:27:01

Yes, there can be swelling after a sprain / strain for 6-8 months easily.
Slow recovery because it's not a rested area of the body.
This does not sound like psoriatic arthritis.

debbieg67 Sun 07-Aug-16 06:05:58

Did the swelling go down? My daughters ankle is still swollen 4 months on?

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