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Worried about a near miss sids

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Piperdog2009 Mon 01-Jun-15 10:44:11

My 7 month old co-sleeps with me and I usually place my hand on his belly often throughout the night for reasurance , last night I placed my hand on his belly and there was no breathing movement .. I looked at his and he wasn't his usuall coulor though there wasn't much light so I don't know .. He was stiff . He don't stir when I touched his face so I quickly wobbled his belly with my hand and he woke up no gasping it anything then playing and laughing for an hour .. I'm waiting to see a doc as we speak but I just can't imagine the alternative of he had been in a cot as I wouldn't have olace my hand on his tummy . What if it happens again and what if doc thinks I'm being neurotic x Tia

cosmicglittergirl Mon 01-Jun-15 11:35:49

I really hope your dr can reassure you, I'm sure they won't think you are being neurotic, if it's a worry it's worth checking out.
From my own experience my DD2 sometimes go very cold and stiff when sleeping and I have done the panic wobble too. Obviously I don't know, but perhaps it's a symptom of deep sleep?
Good luck. flowers

cosmicglittergirl Mon 01-Jun-15 11:36:18


Birgitz Mon 01-Jun-15 11:46:05

Sorry to hear this. We have a history of SIDS in our family, so I used to put a breathing monitor in my child's cot (under the mattress). The alarm would go off if they stopped breathing (it never did). I found this very reassuring.

Piperdog2009 Mon 01-Jun-15 11:54:18

Thanks ive seen the doctor and we've been referd today to go to childrens as she also suspects near miss sids x

cosmicglittergirl Mon 01-Jun-15 12:17:36

Hope it goes well for you. Thank goodness your dr took you seriously.

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