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Caronottm Sun 17-May-15 13:41:55

Hi - my three year old daughter has been vomiting frequently for 3 months as her stomach become bloated during the day and vomit is her release. She's losing weight and has now been admitted to hospital. She is hungry each morning and then eats less and less as the day progresses. The X-rays, ultrasound & barium swallow test have all been inconclusive. The current theory is that her stomach is very slow at processing food which causes the gas and later the vomit.

Anyone have any experiences of this? Any ideas on other tests? We have an endoscopy booked. If it is Gastroparensis, what is the long term practical food eating patterns?

Thank you!!

Twinwife Fri 22-May-15 20:06:49

She may need some tube feeding into her small bowel, has she been referred to the dietitian? Small meals and often with medication may help

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