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Can a child have chicken pox for over a month?!

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NumptyMum Thu 29-Jan-15 21:55:39


Just wondering if there are any doctors on here, or anyone who might have info for this. My DD had chicken pox, badly, when she was 7 months old: classic symptoms of fever, covered head to foot in spots, couldn't sleep etc. She is now 4. The week before Christmas she had a spot on her arm, but I didn't take much notice of it other than smothering it in germalene. The day after boxing day, she had a dodgy tum (or 'loose bum' might be a better description); the next day after a shower I realised that her body was really quite spotty. We managed to get an appointment with a GP, explained about DD having chicken pox but at a very young age, and the GP reckoned it was chicken pox again. Luckily DD didn't have fever or itching this time round. We stayed off nursery until at least a week later, and I thought the spots were clearing up. However it's been difficult to tell, as it seems there may still be new ones coming in (ie not just old ones fading away) - and today she was sent home from nursery because of a new spot on her neck, and one on her knee.

I'm going to try and get a GP appointment tomorrow, but it's usually pretty difficult - and the nursery aren't wanting her to come back til at least 5 days have gone by... I can't afford to take much unpaid leave from work, and am worried given it's now been more than a month of spots that 5 days might not be enough! Does anyone else have any experience of something like this??


NumptyMum Thu 29-Jan-15 22:35:16


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