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Ear Infections

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mummym17 Wed 14-Jan-15 16:43:06

My 15 month old had a ear infection the beginning of December and had fluid leaking for 3 weeks, she finally got on the right antibiotics for the type of infection and it cleared up. Just over a week later the fluid has started again and the doctors have said she has another ear infection. They will not take another swab to check what type of infection it is again. We were referred to ENT who have said it will have burst her ear drum but due to the liquid they cant see how big it is.
Is it normal to have two ear infections so close together? She has not been well since October with chest infections and tonsillitis and has had 5 doses on antibiotics in just over 2 months but she is still getting ill.

Any suggestions????? I feel I am just being fobbed off by the doctors. My daughter seems in pain with it and is finding it difficult to sleep.


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