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Anyone else's DC suffer with chronic cough?

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fairgame Sun 04-Jan-15 13:39:43

DS is 10 and since the age of 4 he has had a cough. Just a general cough, not chesty or wheezy etc. Cough is normally worse at night.
He also vomits in his mouth very frequently (a few times a day).
After years of going round in circles the GP finally referred us to paeds last year as they felt it was reflux causing the cough and vomiting and reflux is apparently common in children with ASD (DS has ASD). Gaviscon and ranitidine hadn't worked and the paed put DS on a course of omeprazole for 3 months from June which did manage to stop his vomiting and improved his cough.
In November it all started up again. His cough is constant and driving me absolutely bonkers and he was struggling to get to sleep. I took him to the GP this week and they agreed to start his on omeprazole again because the vomiting had returned as well. The cough is slightly better but it's still every couple of minutes throughout the day.
He is due back the at paed next month but until then i don't know what else i can do about the cough. GP says is fine to give regular pholcodine but i'm not so keen.
GP has ruled out lactose intolerance and asthma.

Does anyone have any tips or advice to help us please?

sometimesyouwin Sun 04-Jan-15 16:10:22

Hi, my DS1 (4) has had a chronic cough for the last 2 years. It's always worse at night and first thing in the morning and he is sick frequently because of it. We took him to the GP lots of times and eventually got in to see a respiratory consultant. He thinks he has something called protracted bacterial bronchitis. He's had a couple of long courses (6-8 weeks) of antibiotics which have worked well and now seems much better apart from the normal coughs that come with a cold. It might be worth looking it up on the Internet and see if any of the symptoms sound familiar. I hope this helps or you get to the bottom of what's causing it.

sometimesyouwin Sun 04-Jan-15 16:12:23

It's probably also worth mentioning that he is always much worse over the winter months.

fairgame Sun 04-Jan-15 16:18:32

Thanks, I'll mention it to the paed next month and he can rule it in or out.
It's a different one to who we saw last time so i don't know whether i'll once again be fobbed off but i've decided that if i get nowhere then i'm going to pay privately. GP keeps changing his mind between it being caused by reflux and being a habit, i think he just says anything because he doesn't know.

sometimesyouwin Sun 04-Jan-15 16:28:10

We saw tonnes of GPs who kept saying it's just a virus etc. It was so frustrating and awful seeing him suffer. The only reason we got referred in the end was because one GP picked up a heart murmur (turned out to be innocent) whilst listening to DSs chest and said that some murmurs could cause a cough. Good luck with getting it sorted!

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