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4 yo DD2 has diarrhoea on and off for a week

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mintymellons Mon 15-Dec-14 17:27:06

My DD started with painful diarrhoea last Monday evening. She was otherwise well, eating and drinking normally with plenty of energy. She had a further episode the same night then was fine all the next day. She then had more diarrhoea on the Wednesday afternoon and another episode about 24 hours after that. Friday she seemed ok but then woke in the early hours of Saturday morning vomiting. She vomited a small amount two or three times and was then fine all day. She was ok yesterday and passed a normal ish looking stool. This morning ( ie a week later) she had more diarrhoea although it is less runny than when it started a week ago. Throughout this, she's been absolutely fine in herself. Does this sound like a bug? She is no longer having the pain with the diarrhoea by the way. I'm presuming its a bug which is taking a while to work through her system and that her gut needs to settle down. Anyone else had this?

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