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Should I take DD to minor injuries unit?

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Greencurtain Sun 14-Dec-14 08:58:31

DD(6yo) running in house, DS(8yo) chasing. Both had been told to wash hands after eating and ran for the same sink. DD ran into the sink without shoes and I thought that she had just stubbed/bruised her toes (the little toe and the next one) but this happened yesterday and today she is still not walking on it, she's hopping. I did not think it was enough to actually break them but maybe I'm wrong? Also they can't plaster it so can they do anything for her? WWYD? Should I take her?

wonkylegs Sun 14-Dec-14 10:05:33

I've broken my toe by stubbing it on a cupboard. It might be worth checking out if it's a straight break they won't do anything, but might strap it to the toe next to it and if it's out of line they may need to straighten it up to ensure it heals properly.
Do not underestimate the pain of a broken toe it seriously is disproportionate to the actual injury (& I'm an expert at breaking things confused) it may take a few days to settle down.
They would also be able to advise on appropriate pain relief for a kid.

Greencurtain Sun 14-Dec-14 10:52:24

It should be ok if I just sit her on the sofa today and get an x ray tomorrow shouldn't it? I looked on the minor injuries website and the x ray machine doesn't operate on Sundays so we wouldn't be able to know for sure without that. She seems ok just sitting, not complaining about pain unless having to move about.

wonkylegs Sun 14-Dec-14 11:29:36

Yes it'll be fine especially if it's not causing too much pain.

Singleandproud Sun 14-Dec-14 11:47:16

Have you got any medical tape you can use to tape it to it's neighbour? Will give some support and cushioning if she bumps it

Karoleann Sun 14-Dec-14 22:42:22

I was worrried DS had broken his toe last year and took him to be x-rayed - apparently its really important to get small children's possibly broken toes seen and treated - but I cannot remember why.....sorry.

We did wait a couple of days.

PepsiTwirl Mon 15-Dec-14 13:43:55

How's things?

Greencurtain Mon 15-Dec-14 15:45:02

Nurse thought it looked broken as did I. Got x Ray and not broken!! Strapped and hopefully recover soon.

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