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Misaligned jaw

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ListObsessed Thu 13-Nov-14 18:13:43

My 3yo DS has a misaligned jaw (his bottom teeth are in front of his top teeth when his mouth is closed). Just been advised by our dentist that it's likely that he'll need 'minor' surgery when he's a teenager. From googling the procedure it doesn't look at all minor. It also seems that it gets worse during puberty and surgery can't happen until he's about 16. I hate the idea of him being bullied throughout his high school years and dread the effect this may have on his self-esteem. Has anyone got any first-hand experience of this?

PJ67 Thu 13-Nov-14 23:29:34

My friend's son has this, think it's called a reverse bite. She just mentioned it when we were talking about so etching associated with teeth one day. He hasn't had to have surgery and is now a young adult and it doesn't seem a problem

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