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3 year old cut inside his mouth

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Filimou Fri 13-Jun-14 13:01:54

My 3 year old had an accident yesterday morning and now has a cut, quite jagged looking. We took him to the walk in centre last night as it had become swollen.
Other than the swelling he seems fine in himself, no temp, still playing, joking and messing about.

The doctor at the walk in looked at it and told us that it should heal itself quite quickly as the mouth has a rich blood supply.

It is still swollen and the nursery manager has just called to say he wouldnt eat his dinner (they have school dinners), as his mouth was sore, so she popped out and got him something softer and he has eaten that.

I feel so awful seeing my little boy swollen and suffering.

Does anyone know what we need to look out for to make sure it is healing ok and not getting infected or anything?

Filimou Fri 13-Jun-14 19:28:52


Willdoitinaminute Tue 17-Jun-14 22:15:48

Mouths heal fantastically fast especially in children. If he is swollen and sore try him with ice lolly or iced drinks. To avoid too much sugar make your own with very week juice or squash. And of course good old calpol or ibuprofen before he eats to make it more comfortable.

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