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Are children stigmatised at school if they wear a medical bracelet?

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fordandco Sun 20-Apr-14 22:01:47

We are trying to establish whether children with medical conditions, who are advised to wear a medical bracelet, are stigmatised or bullied. As a result are children afraid to carry such medical alert devices as they broadcast their medical condition?

I have not managed to find any research on this. In January 2013 Diabetes UK published a report stating that the UK had the 5th highest levels of Type 1 Diabetes in children aged 0-14. There are a significant amount of other conditions such as allergies that also need to be disclosed to paramedics quickly in case of an emergency.

If children are afraid to wear them then are they at risk?

Would really love to hear parents' views and whether there are any alternatives.

HolidayCriminal Sun 20-Apr-14 22:08:30

I imagine schools wouldn't allow it in case child breaks their arm catching the bracelet on something (Elf & Safety culture, all that).

PotteringAlong Sun 20-Apr-14 22:12:33

I'm a secondary teacher and we have at least 3 students who wear them, without problems.

Twighlightsparkle Sun 20-Apr-14 22:35:12

My 5 year old wears one, not a problem. She has a feeding tube too and then itpsnt a problem either.

Maybe if she was older

lennonj Mon 21-Apr-14 13:27:47

My son wears a silicone band medical bracelet all of the time. He doesn't take it off for PE. He's 12 and has never mentioned that anybody has teased him or talked about it. I'm sure he wouldn't want to wear it if that was the case but as my son has diabetes and tests his blood in class he doesn't have much left to hide!

babybarrister Mon 21-Apr-14 13:30:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsKCastle Tue 22-Apr-14 07:27:38

(Primary school teacher here). I can't imagine it being a problem at all. I think that other children would either not notice, or would think it was quite cool. Certainly I never see comments about glasses or braces in the way you might have years ago.

I've taught children with some obvious physical/medical needs in mainstream school, and I'm always impressed by how mature the pupils are- they know that their friend x has y medical condition, and that's just part of who he/she is.

AuntieStella Tue 22-Apr-14 07:54:00

Welcome to MN fordandco

When you say "we" in OP, who do you mean and what will any information be used for?

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 22-Apr-14 07:57:21

Holidaycriminal - schools would not allow it? This is a medical bracelet we are talking about, not a fashion accessory!! It provides ambulance crews with often lifesaving medical information, schools would most certainly allow it!!

Other than that, what auntieStella said...

Edenviolet Tue 22-Apr-14 21:20:50

All 4 dcs have them the older three don't mind. Dd2 is diabetic and very proud of hers! To be honest the bracelet is the least noticeable thing when it comes to anything 'medical' as she wears a cgms and will soon have an insulin pump, tubing etc also on a belt.

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