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Poor DS - chicken pox with a broken arm

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I'm pretty sure it is CP. I found three spots together at the base of his neck underneath his sling last night. They don't look like heat rash, they are raised and glassy-looking. I thought they might be insect bites but today I've found a cluster of about 15 around his bum cleavage, and one further out on his bum cheek. DS says they're really itchy.

He was sent home from school yesterday because he came over hot and feeling sick. He's been coughing with a snotty nose with not much appetite and now he's quite hot too.

It's the pox isn't it?

I know there's never a good time to be poorly but it couldn't get much worse than right now. DS is supposed to be having surgery next week to remove the wires from his elbow. That's not going to happen for another week at least now is it? So, he'll be poorly, in quarantine from all his friends and in a cast for the whole Easter holidays. sad

paddyclampo Thu 03-Apr-14 18:09:49

What day is his surgery? Is there a chance they'll all be scabbed over by then?

noblegiraffe Thu 03-Apr-14 18:11:49

At least he won't be able to scratch them.

Surgery is Tuesday but he's meant to have a pre-op assessment tomorrow.

I'll call the surgeon's secretary tomorrow. Hopefully he'll get a new date within a week. Not sure how long the wires are ok for.

paddyclampo Thu 03-Apr-14 22:57:39

Maybe they can take the cast off and put him in one of those removable things. If he comes out in full blown chicken pox that will be a nightmare getting itchy under a pot!

Only a few more spots further down his bottom today and he says he feels fine. The surgeon's secretary says they will fit him in as soon as he's better so with luck he can have the cast off end of next week.

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