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2.5 yo with sickness for 4 days!

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rachndan Tue 01-Apr-14 15:39:55

Our 2.5 yo daughter was sick on Saturday afternoon and this carried on quite regularly Saturday night, through the night and on and off on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon we took her to the out of hours doctors who said it was a bug and gave us the oral salts drink to give her. Everything she eats or drinks is sicked up again. The diarrhea then started on Sunday evening.

There was no improvement on Monday and my partner stayed at home with her and whilst she seemed to peak a little throughout the day by the evening time she was moaning and groaning and still being sick and having diarrhea.

Again today not much improvement still being sick and having diarrhea so back to the doctors. Only to be told again she still has a bug and continue on the salts replacing drinks.

She is still telling us her tummy hurts and still cant keep anything down. Although she is very hungry as she hasnt kept anything down since Saturday morning the doctors have just said that fluids staying down is the most important thing.

We are just a bit worried now it has been 4 days. Anyone else experienced one of these sickness and diarrhea bugs in their toddlers lasting this sort of time?


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