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4 yr old with big tonsils

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PJ67 Thu 28-Nov-13 22:48:55

Hi. My 4 yr old son seems to have really big tonsils. He's not complaining of being sore but I had a look as I wondered if his breath was a bit smelly and they seem very prominent. I've noticed this before but didn't think much of it. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks

ICameOnTheJitney Fri 29-Nov-13 07:36:39

My DD has them too...she's 5 and I also noticed when she was 4. I took her to the doctor....because she snored and also had smelly breath. The doctor was most relaxed about it and said that some children just have big ones and they eventually grow into them.

She certainly seems to have stopped's only reading your question that's reminded me of them! I will look and see if they look smaller. DD does have a small mouth if that's something to do with it....

duende Fri 29-Nov-13 14:02:53

My 4 year old DS has massive tonsils and always has done. GP said he'd grow into them and that they don't refer to ENT unless the child is ill a lot and missing lots of school.
DS snores really loud. He has had tonsillitis twice so it's not like it's a recurring problem for him.

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